Project details

1. Raising awareness

  • By providing the relevant global impact
  • Providing materials on who can be affected and how

2. Education

  • Providing education materials on this topic
  • Education materials for general population
  • Education materials for physicians & other healthcare providers
  • Education materials on various topics:
    • what the disease means
    • how it can be contracted
    • prevention
    • when to seek help
    • symptoms
    • what treatment is available
    • how to care for a family member who is sick
    • patients with heart disease and how they can be affected with COVID19
    • How COVID19 can affect the heart
    • Mental health – how to cope with the stressors of COVID19
    • Asthma and lung disease
    • Immunocompromised population and COVID19
    • Pregnancy & COVID19

Training – videos on relevant topics (simple short videos)

  • How to make simple masks at home when masks are not available
  • How to protect yourself when going to public areas
  • How to bring in essential products home from outside safely ex – groceries
  • How to safely fill gas
  • Discussion on heart health during COVID19
  • Discussion on mental health and how to cope
  • Demos on how to use ventilators by Pulmonologist

Providing resources – to the communities where it’s most needed

  • Providing essential products to most needed communities/ healthcare professionals : PPEs, ventilators


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