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Global Health Alliance Foundation

The Global Health Foundation is a global initiative which is working for the welfare of people across the globe. The Global Health Foundation is a UK-registered charity that aims to initiate projects related to good health, quality education, upgradation of professional skills, climate action and partnership for goals. This foundation works closely with other organizations to achieve these 17 main sustainable goals with 169 targets for development. These 17 goals are organized under 5 main SDGs. Sustainable Development is the blueprint for a better future as these Goals (SDGs) are aimed to end poverty & inequality, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy health, justice & prosperity

Aims & Objectives


The Global Health Alliance Foundation aims to initiate projects that are most relevant to people across the globe, with the highest impact on global health


Good Health & Well-being
Good Health & Well-being

This goal ensures the well-being of all people at any given stage of life & also ensures that people live a healthy life.

Quality Education and Equalities
Quality Education and Equalities

This goal aims to provide comprehensive & impartial to all people and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Skills, Innovation & Economic Growth
Skills, Innovation & Economic Growth

This goal aims to provide unrestricted access to learn advanced skills for all people and promote economic growth for all.

Climate Action
Climate Action

This goal aims to save our ecosystems which include all the flora & fauna species to maintain the balance in nature creating harmony between the planet & its beings.

Partnership for Goals
Partnership for Goals

This goal aims at bringing in novel partnerships & improving existing partnerships for the achievement of these goals.

Founding Directors

Board members


  • Had set up free medical advice to COVID patients & support healthcare professionals in India
  • Launched India’s First UK trained motorbike paramedics in Maharashtra
  • Carried out BLS training for CISF staff at New Delhi airport
  • Launched Health Ambassador Course
  • Launched Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Ambassador Course
  • Provided free training to 1000 healthcare professionals on BLS
  • During COVID, Global Health Foundation was able to provide services to

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